Our COVERs are inspired by Japanese (furoshiki) and Korean (bojagi) traditions but are made extra sustainable and intelligent. They are crafted from recycled cotton, soft yet durable enough to withstand the test of time so they can be passed from giftee to giftee for many years to come.

These sustainable wrapping cloths will express the love with which you have chosen the gift, adding a beautifully handcrafted feel to it. Your presents can be wrapped in just seconds. You won’t even need a table, scissors, sticky tape, or ribbons to hold them together or make them look pretty.

These cloths serve as a creative zero-waste packaging for gifts and a more eco-friendly alternative to gift wrapping paper.

If you register the COVERs in our app (by tapping the NFC tag with your mobile phone), you can follow their journey around the world. You can not only participate in each of their adventures but also see how much your purchase has contributed to saving the planet and how many people it has made happy.

You can also use the NFC tag to send your loved ones digital greeting cards, thereby saving even more paper. The integrated greeting card can be easily personalized in our app, adding an extra layer of fun to the unwrapping process.



Get one. Join the app and check it in.

Wrap your gift and give it away. Then, swap with the person you have gifted by checking the COVER out and forwarding it digitally to the recipient. Your loved one will then need to check the COVER in with the check-in-code we will send.

Detailed information on how to use the COVER is available here. We also have some easy video guidelines for your convenience.


Our COVERS are available in 7 sizes. If you are unsure about which size to get, please refer to our size guide.

We also accept custom orders if you need a different size or your logo and corporate colors.


Fabric gift wrappings are super easy to use. Simple folding and knotting make it easy to quickly and creatively wrap even odd-shaped objects. Unlike wrapping paper, fabric is flexible and will adapt to any shape, leaving you with a beautiful result. You don’t even need a table, scissors, sticky tape, or ribbons, and yet the result is much more beautiful. Fabric wrapping is a hassle-free and eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper.

As there are numerous ways to wrap and style your gifts, we have established several channels where you can discover different tips and tricks on how to wrap your gifts, and give you loads of inspiration on how to style your gifts with our COVERS. Check out our blog for inspiration.


The COVER is machine or hand washable at 30°C | 80°F.

Lay it flat to air dry.

We do not recommend ironing as it can alter the wavy structure of the COVER. Instead, allow the COVER to crease naturally and enjoy the time saved elsewhere.


Reusable, eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper that lasts a lifetime

Made of recycled cotton and biodegradable

Available in 7 sizes

Trackable and intelligent

Saves paper, water and CO2 right from the first use

Integrated digital greeting card (helps save even more paper)

Easy to use (no table, scissors, sticky tape or ribbons needed)

Compact and easy to store

Machine washable

Climate neutral worldwide shipping with DHL GoGreen

Shipped in reusable bags made of recycled plastic

Last but not least - We are planting a tree for every purchased COVER