Zero Waste Gift Wraps Made of Recycled Cotton - Equipped With Intelligence.

Our reusable fabric gift wraps are inspired by a Japanese (furoshiki) and Korean (bojagi) tradition but made extra sustainable and intelligent. They are made of recycled cotton which is soft but yet durable enough to stand the test of time so that they can be handed from giftee to giftee for many years to come. 

These sustainable wrapping cloths will express the love with which you have chosen the gift and add a beautifully handcrafted feel to it. Your presents will be easily wrapped in just seconds. You don’t even need a table, scissors, sticky tape or ribbons to hold them together or make them look pretty. 

You can also add digital customised greeting cards to the NFC tag on the COVER which the giftee can save in their profiles.

This makes fabric wrappings a creative zero-waste packaging for gifts and an eco-friendly alternative to gift wrapping paper. 

If you initiate the COVERs in our app (by tabbing the NFC tag with your mobile phone), you can follow them on their journey through the world. You can not only take part in every of their adventures but also see how much your purchase has helped to save this planet and how many people it made happy. 

They create a truly beautiful and joyful gift!